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We invite you to join and partner with Fair Trade Long Beach, a well-respected community membership organization dedicated to furthering the fair trade movement and making Long Beach an international fair trade city. Founded in 2017, FTLB's mission is to create and empower socially conscious consumers through education and outreach to increase the demand and availability of fair trade products in the communities of Long Beach and surrounding areas. We would be happy to have you join us in this mission as a member.

Fair Trade Long Beach has a single membership class for individuals, businesses, and institutional members (non-profits, schools/universities, and congregations). You can become a member by registering online using the buttons below.

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Individual memberships to Fair Trade Long Beach cost $35.00, renewable annually. We also offer memberships for students at $15.00. If you'd like to contribute more, please feel free to join as an Advocate ($100 contribution), Champion ($250 contribution) or Hero ($500.00 contribution). Contributions beyond the basic membership amount will be tax deductible once we've obtained a non-profit status.

Have a Special Skill?

Do you have a special skill at marketing, sales, communications, or coding? We'd love for you to join us. Sign up and become a member and see how your special skills can contribute to the positively of Long Beach Fair Trade.