Fair Trade Schools is a recognition program for schools, grades K-12, demonstrating their commitment to Fair Trade. In our globally connected world, the concepts of environmental and economic justice, as well as fair treatment of those less fortunate are imperative for students to learn. By initiating a system of recognition for schools, we seek to engage future generations in making a difference through their purchases and those made by their institutions.

To be recognized as a Fair Trade School in the United States, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • Build a Team: A teacher and/or student-led group should be formed to implement the campaign objectives and drive awareness. Parents can and should be encouraged to participate where appropriate.
  • Commit to Fair Trade Education & Events: Including Fair Trade in lessons, curricula and school events like assemblies and fairs will help students to understand the ways in which Fair Trade fits into their daily lives. From delivering real-world examples of how fairness can impact those less fortunate to teaching how Fair Trade fits into traditional and alternative economic systems, including the topic in lesson plans and curricula enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of Fair Trade.
  • Source Fair Trade Products: Get a commitment to have Fair Trade products available at school. Whether your school offers products in cafeterias, vending machines or school stores, or regularly includes Fair Trade products in fundraisers, by providing products that have a positive impact, students, faculty and parents are able to make an immediate difference with their purchases.Use Fair Trade products at school sponsored events

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